FEC101 Oct 1, 2014

101 by mp216 at 5:48 with 102, 141 & 708 lhf. Jim toots away and ECH waving double white from the tread to my fusees.  Racks up front followed  by all IM with lots of UPS,  double stacks and two Ashley towards the bottom.  Everyone is meeting in Gifford,  including 101, 202, 932 & 920.  How this works,  we are not sure.  It appears 920 derailed at Airlight or mp222.  Talk about your mumble jumble.  We saw Gregg make the same maneuver during fecNtrak ops session on Sunday at the convention! !  Waiting on 202 to come through the maze.
Anita and Caboose

FEC101 Oct 1, 2014 vid link: